Music Sector Strategy

The Nova Scotia Music Sector Strategy 2007 presents a compelling rationale for provincial investment and proposes a realistic framework to do so. It reviews the six core activities in the music sector, assesses and updates the current level of development in the Province in each activity, and then presents new proposals for growth and support.

Music Sector Strategy 2007 contains three strategic priorities that require action to ensure continued artistic and economic growth in the music sector of Nova Scotia. Artist and Project Investment in the creation and development of music, through maintenance and expansion of existing programs. Business Climate improvement through implementation of tax changes and tax credits to encourage live performance, new hires, and private investment. Financial Capital availability is a serious issue, which should be addressed through changes to criteria for funding by existing provincial economic development agencies.

Music Nova Scotia is the voice of the music industry of Nova Scotia. Music Sector Strategy 2007 has been developed through surveys and interviews with the membership of our association. It builds on the extensive studies done from 2000 to 2002 to create the original Music Sector Strategy. This document, The Nova Scotia Music Sector Strategy 2007, is our collective voice.

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