CN Media Video Submissions

Music Nova Scotia is teaming up with CN Media Services  and giving you a chance to get your music video played throughout Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. Your video could be broadcasted on MyGuide channels across the three provinces reaching a large audience and all you have to do is submit your video via the link below.

CN Media Services manages and operates Eastlink MyGuide and MyGuide2 Channels throughout Atlantic Canada. By submitting your video you could potentially have it aired a minimum of once per hour, 24 per day, for a total of 168 times a week to Eastlink’s over 322,000 customers in Atlantic Canada.

Note: To be eligible to submit your video you must be a member of Music Nova Scotia. 

All videos must have high quality sound/picture suitable for HDTV and must be “TV friendly.”

You must provide a download link for your video (i.e. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive). Do not use Youtube links.

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