ARC (Ardenne Resource Centre)

The ARC has been established and dedicated to the memory of the late Michael Ardenne, founder and president of Ardenne International Inc.  Michael was a past president of both MIANS and the Nova Scotia Festival of Arts, had a strong passion for the performing arts, and coordinated many successful cultural events over the course of his lifetime.  MIANS received contributions in the memory of Michael Ardenne and funding support from the Nova Scotia Department of Economic Development to complete the basic infrastructure and resources needed to open the ARC.

The ARC has five computers - 1 PC and 4 Macs - that are available for use by our members, free of charge. The ARC also houses our library of Nova Scotian music, and an extensive library of music business literature. The ARC is a great space to come and work on the business side of your craft, and to network with other artists who are doing the same.