Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Can-Africa Blues Tour with Doc MacLean, Albert Frost, and Somebody's Kids
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 -
19:00 to 22:00

Main event are iconic blues artists, Doc McLean (Canada) and Albert Frost (South Africa) toeing-the-line in center ring at East Coast Amateur Boxing Club.   Undercard is upbeat country/blues with Richard & Somebody's Kids (Halifax).

Doc MacLean (Canada) and Albert Frost (South Africa). One guy played with Son House, the other with Ali Farka Toure. So now now, CanAfrica Blues: a playful, yet respectful collaboration by these unique, yet complimentary artists– each of whom mix traditional and contemporary blues and roots music from their own continents.

On the ground, it's an old school, vintage road adventure: the National Steel: jamming a big Lincoln across the continent, stopping in places large and small from coast to coast. The CanAfrica Blues Tour has it's sights set on 10 Canadian provinces, and 2 territories. "No venue too large, too small, too grand or too humble." Songs and stories lived in the moment. Africa and America in joy and sorrow. CanAfrica Blues.

Grab a ticket and a ringside seat, you don't wanna miss this show.

1-902-223-5416 for tickets and more information East Coast Amateur Boxing Club, 225 Bedford Highway
Dave Gunning at All Saints Anglican Church
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 19:30

Show: 7:30 PM - Tickets: $20 All Saints Anglican Church, 77 King Street, Saint Andrews, NB E5B 1X7