Friday, July 12, 2019

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Check out Mark Bezanson at St. Mark's! Friday, July 12, 2019 -
19:30 to 21:30

It’s really all about the blues. It is the constant that has run through the music journey that Mark has taken. While not a classic blues man it is undeniable that the Blues runs deep in Marks singing, bass playing and songwriting. Mark wrote the music on his CD to reflect what he was seeing, hearing, and feeling at the time.

Having started the process of recording in his early 40’s it should be no surprise that the CD has a hodge podge of styles. Love, relationships, the water, and politics, are themes that permeate the songwriting. What is common? They are all bluesy, they are all delivered with soul and they all come from a very real place.

Mark will be joined by long time friends and fellow Idle Threats bandmates Noah Scanlan and Jerry Rodgers.

“Mark Bezanson’s CD, “Half Lies Half Truths”, lives up to the ambivalence of its title. The record’s themes and music seem frequently at odds: catchy pop riffs deliver biting political exposés, funk rock tunes contain painful psychological narratives, and jazz sections interrupt rock ballads on the emotional vagaries of love. The result? Exhilarating, beautiful.” -The Grapevine, Wolfville N.S.

Tickets: $20.00 at the door


Bring your own wine (Corkage fee applies) -Italian Expresso and Soft Drinks for sale St. Mark's Place - 5142 Hwy 332, Middle LaHave Nova Scotia, B4V 3L9