Important Update to the Music Nova Scotia Investment Program #2

Please be advised of the following important update to the Music Nova Scotia Investment Program:

  1. All Music Nova Scotia Investment Program applications are once again online and feature our new and improved forms to better serve our clients. These new forms allow applicants to save their work and return at a later time to finish and submit the application. Please read all of the instructions carefully as you fill out the forms. 
  2. This update features new, separate applications to the Live Performance - Tour Support and Marketing Support programs for our new Eligible Applicant category: “Developing Artist Level II”. Applicants who meet this category’s required criteria will be eligible to submit to the Live Performance - Tour Support and Marketing Stream programs with a maximum of $5000 per applicant, per deadline. Developing Artist Level II applicants are also eligible to submit to the Showcase Component, in addition to Developing Artist and Export Ready applicants.

Developing Artist Level II criteria (must meet all of the following):

• Must have a current marketing and business plan
• One (1) Qualifying Release within the past two (2) years
• Minimum of 500 lifetime units sold of all releases combined. 500 streams (audio and video) = 1 unit sold, 6 single downloads = 1 unit sold
• Upcoming booking or contract outside of Nova Scotia for a current musical
Production (i.e. live performance; stage production, songwriting collaboration,
composition/soundtrack interest from film/TV, etc.)
• Strong professional history within Nova Scotia
Strong record of self-management and prior project execution, or established team infrastructure
• Updated and complete online presence, including professional website, content assets, social media accounts, fans and views
• For groups band member agreements are mandatory


These changes are effective immediately and will be recognized for all upcoming deadlines, including the March 15, 2017 round.


For more information, please contact:

Serge Samson
Investment Program and Member Training Manager
Regional Education Coordinator - FACTOR
Office: 902-423-6271 Ext. 107
Direct Line: 902-800-2047
Mobile: 902-499-9880