Music Nova Scotia Funding Update

Due to the ongoing impacts and restrictions of COVID-19, Music Nova Scotia will be putting the following programs on hold for the remainder of 2020:

Tour Support
Showcase Support
Business Travel

The following programs will be available for the September 15, 2020 deadline:

Marketing Support (for Artists II & III)

Furthermore, there will be another special deadline on October 15, 2020 with the following programs available:

Artist Development
COVID-19 Response - Artist II
COVID-19 Response - Artist II and Export Ready Companies

More information on these programs is available at

The October deadline programs are only available to applicants who did not apply, or were  previously unsuccessful, in 2020. If you have already successfully applied for Artist Development or the COVID-19 response program, you may not apply again.

Since this years funding programs have changed, and some are new, it is strongly advised that you set up a meeting (via phone or zoom) with the Investment Program Manager, Darryl Smith, to discuss your project and eligibility.

 Please contact Darryl Smith with any questions at