Music Nova Scotia Presents "Tiki Lounge" 2017



Devarrow is the moniker of Graham Ereaux, a singer-songwriter who blends simple folk with sophisticated pop to create music which reflects an isolated upbringing in Moncton, New Brunswick and a subsequent half decade of traveling. After two years of touring as a one-man-band in support of his 2015 release The Great Escape, Devarrow moved back East to Halifax, Nova Scotia where he now resides. With a full band set-up, and a refined focus on lyrics and arrangement, Devarrow will be releasing a new EP and LP in 2017.

Arsoniste (Rachel Sunter) is a synth-pop singer-songwriter from Halifax, NS. She uses vocal effects, loops, and layered keyboards to transform piano-based songs into rich, orchestral pieces, with hip-hop inspired beats.

Owen Meany’s Batting Stance
Engaged, electrically charged acoustic guitar, teeming with emotive energy rounded by percussion and bass. As Owen Meany's Batting Stance, each performance is a contract to burst the bubble between audience and performer through relatable, punching songs. Lyrically oriented, using songs to cradle narratives with conventional chords and unconventional structure.

Hello Delaware
Hello Delaware is the other woman. With syrupy sweet, yet gritty vocals. Edgy, danceable melodies and lyrics everyone can get behind. Hello Delaware's debut album My Mistake has been nominated for 2017 Pop Recording of the year at East Coast Music Awards. 

Jessie Brown
Luring you in with her powerful and expressive voice, Jessie Brown is a siren perched atop the rocky shores of Halifax, Nova Scotia. With her power trio's dark and moody take on Rock n’ Roll, the band combines vocal wails reminiscent of Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant or Janis Joplin with distorted, saturated bass tones and rounded out by thunderous rhythmic drums. Once described as Aretha Franklin singing for Queens Of The Stone Age, this Doom Soul trio will entice you to shore, crush your expectations, and keep your heart as a souvenir.

The Town Heroes
The Town Heroes are a 4-piece Alternative-Rock band known for crafting catchy, thoughtful songs. They've toured the world, released three critically acclaimed albums and won an array of industry awards. Anthemic choruses, 3-part harmonies, tender falsettos and big drums highlight their riff driven, dirty-yet-nuanced barrage of sound. On stage they move like intense caricatures – soaked in sweat, pushing every chord, note and beat to the limit. A structured wall of sound emerges; familiar yet distinctive. Their music is a perfect soundtrack for contemplating life with a bounce in your step. 

For the past 6 years, TTH have played as a duo – captivating audiences with their remarkably full sound and energetic performances. With a desire to push the envelope even more, in November 2016 the band expanded to become a 4-piece. The new lineup reflects and effectively captures the growth, vision, and musical maturity of the band.

The Brood
“The Brood are the most interesting and exciting live band I’ve seen in Halifax in years!” – Joel Plaskett

Blending the bizarro vibes of Devo, The B52s, and Frank Zappa, guitar riffs that recall the everyman blues brilliance of Chuck Berry, and a bit of Genesis’s synthscapes and Ween’s wit, The Brood are flying their freak flag high at the forefront of their very own 21st century East Coast sound: one that draws from the artistic innovation of the past while keeping its grooves decidedly in the spectacular (and radical) now. In 2017 the Brood will release their first full-length album, an exciting follow up to their 2015 EP release “Deranged Love”.

The Danger Bees
The Danger Bees are an indie rock act playing the songs of David Macmichael, who has done writing for Corey Hart and Jonathan Roy, and collaborated with hit makers such as James Bryan (Philosopher Kings, Prozac) and Luther Mallory (Polesmokers). In 2017 The Danger Bees launched their brand new full length, Fish with Wings to critical acclaim and absolutely zero commercial success.

Port Cities
“A mix of east coast culture and indie flare. Each song on their self-titled debut is an individual masterpiece” - Canadian Beats

Port Cities has burst onto the Canadian music scene with their self-titled debut. Marked by stellar songs, dynamic vocals and superior musicianship, the band is receiving rave reviews and are rapidly building a fervent fanbase across Canada and beyond. Port Cities brings together the award winning talents of Carleton Stone, Breagh Mackinnon, and Dylan Guthro.

Quake Matthews
Quake Matthews, named as one of Canada’s top up-and-coming Canadian Rappers & Rap Crews of 2015 by Hip Hop Canada, is one of the most important torchbearers for the new wave of Canadian rap. Quake Matthews first made a name for himself in the underground battle rap scene in his early teens, triumphantly progressing to his current breakneck beats and unadulterated lyricism. His raspy voice and raw emotion have given him a signature sound, creating a captivating listening experience for his audience. The award-winning emcee released his fourth studio album, “Rap Music”, which earned him a #4 spot on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts as well as coverage from a host of major outlets such as The Source, All Def Digital and Funk Master Flex's 'Indie Spotlight. “Rap Music” won Hip Hop Recording of the Year at Music Nova Scotia Week and at the East Coast Music Awards. This past summer Quake Matthews spent some time in the U.K and Sweden performing and recording at Amy Winehouse’s studio. He is excited for the release of his 5th studio album and to be back in the U.K in May for his European tour.

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