New Music Nova Scotia Investment Program Applicant Profile System

The new Music Nova Scotia Investment Program Applicant Profile system is now live and ready for your updates!

If you are planning to submit an application to the Music Nova Scotia Investment Program for the upcoming March 15th deadline, you must update your existing profile. If you do not currently have an Applicant Profile, you must first create one before submitting any application. If you are unsure whether you currently have an existing Applicant Profile, please do not create a new Applicant Profile; contact the Program Manager for assistance. We can only have one profile per applicant; duplicates must and will be deleted, so do not put the time and effort into creating one.

We have integrated your existing Applicant Profiles into a new Wordpress site which we hope you will find to be a more user-friendly experience. All of the previously entered information to your existing Applicant Profiles has been migrated; you should not experience any loss in information, and there will be no need to re-enter previously submitted information.

Please consult the new "Music Nova Scotia Investment Program - Applicant Profiles" document for detailed instructions on how to sign in and update your Applicant Profile(s).

If you have any issue or difficulty logging in or updating your information, please contact the Program Manager. Also remember to update your applicant profile no later than seven (7) days prior to any deadline to which you will be submitting an investment application.

For more information, please contact:

Serge Samson
Investment Programs & Member Training Manager
Regional Education Coordinator - FACTOR
Music Nova Scotia
off: +1 9024236271 x 107
direct: 902-800-2047
mob: +1 9024999880
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