Nova Scotia Music Week 2018 Conference Schedule Announced

The Nova Scotia Music Week 2018 conference theme, Building Stronger Music Communities, will focus on three globally trending topics: the monumental rise of urban music genres, music synchronization, and the night-time economy 

With 60+ visiting guests from around the world, delegates will have the opportunity to have discussions about the current state of the industry, influencing positive change, education, international export, career development, and nurturing strong music ecosystems.

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Get to Know the NSMW 2018 Delegates 

Music synchronization is a constantly expanding and evolving segment of the music industry, that has the ability to provide a significant source of additional revenue to artists. Hear from some of the best and most active professionals in the field of sync, on challenges and opportunities, do’s & don’ts, and how to succeed in the highly competitive world of syncArtists will also have the opportunity to Pitch ‘n Sync directly to music supervisors, sync managers, and publishers attending NSMW, they’ll receive constructive feedback on the spot.

NSMW is inviting the management and staff of live music venues, festivals, and music hosting establishments to attend a FREE training session with emerging leader in nightlife safety Vancouver’s Good Night Out team. This session will cover the following topics: statistics about sexual misconduct, legal context of harassment and assault in Canada, identifying risks for perpetuation in your space, strategies for mitigation, policy and procedure, navigating disclosures/documentation and bystander intervention. RSVP is required and is now open. 

In 2017 hip-hop surpassed rock as the most popular genre in the US, for the first time ever. The NSMW urban conference track is designed to facilitate the growth of the urban music genres in Nova Scotia. The urban conference track will give Nova Scotia’s up and coming artists the chance to learn how to run a successful career, global trends, and network with festival buyers and industry professionals from around the world.

In addition to these 3 highly topical tracks, NSMW will be offering one-on-one meetings, 5 minute pitch sessions, and interactive social media workshops.  

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