Nova Scotia Music Week Host Community RFP Now Open

Nova Scotia Music Week Host Community Bid

November 5-8, 2020

November 4-7, 2021

November 3-6, 2022

Bidding Opens: March 19, 2019
Bidding Closes: May 15, 2019

Contact: Lisa Stitt
Interim Executive Director
Music Nova Scotia
902-423-6271 Ext. 102

Overview of Nova Scotia Music Week
Music Nova Scotia is committed to ensuring the growth of our music sector. Through education, training, communication, promotion, and artist recognition, Music Nova Scotia offers members these services in an increasingly competitive and ever changing music industry. The flagship of these efforts is Nova Scotia Music Week (NSMW). It is the focal point each year for our members and the industry. NSMW provides professional development, showcasing opportunities, and an opportunity to heighten awareness and increase exposure and audience appreciation for a Nova Scotian music experience in the Host Community.

NSMW is an annual celebration that brings music fans, musicians, high profile music industry professionals and media together for four days of industry and public accessed events.

Each year NSMW includes a public music festival, a professional development conference, an international music buyers program and the Music Nova Scotia Awards Celebration. 

While some events are specific to the music industry, all components of NSMW are open to the public.  Anyone can purchase a delegates pass and all events are open to the ticket buying public.

NSMW is a wonderful testimony as to how a public music festival and a B2B industry conference can blend. The showcasing festival and concert components are aimed at presenting the talents of Nova Scotian artists to the public and industry professionals, while the awards presentations are a celebration of achievement and provide heightened public recognition. Conference topics range from presenting core industry know-how to exploring current and emerging issues facing the music industry, along with potential approaches and solutions.

Music Nova Scotia is seeking bids for Nova Scotia Music Week from Host Communities for the 2020, 2021, and 2022 editions of the event.

The purpose of seeking multiple bids for the next three years is to provide potential Host Communities the opportunity to gain experience and learn from each other. This approach increases the capacity for communities to host large events and the thus increases the quality of the event overall.

• Please indicate in your bid submission what year (2020, 2021, 2022) you wish to host the event. Potential Host Communities may bid for multiple years.

• If a potential Host Community chooses to bid on more than one particular year they must be prepared to host the event during any of the years indicated.

• Music Nova Scotia retains the right to select what year(s) the event will be held in a community that chooses to bid on multiple years if bidding requirements are met.

• Music Nova Scotia will announce the winning bids for NSMW 2020, 2021 and 2022 on or before November 10, 2019

The Purpose of the Host Committee Bid Document
Music Nova Scotia has decided to utilize a Host Community Bid Document to communicate a number of key messages. These messages have to do with what Music Nova Scotia have learned over the last 21 years as to what has made a successful NSMW, an event with growing brand equity and recognition.

This document is the framework for defining the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the Host Community as defined by Music Nova Scotia. NSMW is the flagship property of Music Nova Scotia and it is vital that these roles, responsibilities, and expectations are clearly defined and agreed to by both parties to ensure:

• Excellent Music Nova Scotia and NSMW brand communication standards
• Excellent Host Committee brand communications standards
• Coordinated logistics
• A smooth workflow process

A Dynamic Partnership – Music Nova Scotia and the Host Community
One of the key success criteria of NSMW is the nature of support that is committed from the Host Community. Our goal is that Music Nova Scotia and the Host Community capture the spirit of this opportunity for both parties on behalf of the music industry in Nova Scotia and work as a team to showcase our industry and the Host Community. 

The relationship between the Music Nova Scotia staff and the Host Committee is one of a team where Music Nova Scotia will play the role of captain. The Host Community Event Committee “teams” with Music Nova Scotia to offer early logistical support right through to on site Event execution.

As NSMW grows it is critical that the Host Committee is connected to the vital players in their community that include local, regional, provincial, and federal governments, media and entertainment corporations, private sector, the social sector, as well as the small business sector which often reflects the unique nature of the Host Community.

Hallmark Events
There are a number of core events that have defined NSMW over the last 17 years. Each of these events plays a distinct role in ensuring that the needs of the Music Nova Scotia members, fans, artists, industry professionals, and the general public are met.

While these core events are “Hallmarks”, each one needs to be evolved to incorporate fresh approaches, as well as reflect the flavour and unique characteristics of the Host Community.

While Music Nova Scotia staff manage and implement the core event details, the support and enthusiasm of the Host Committee is crucial in assisting the planning and delivering NSMW. It is imperative that NSMW Hallmark Events are embraced by the Host Committee, and reach the annual level of success expected from our membership and delegates.

1. Showcasing Festival: Every year Nova Scotia’s best emerging and established artists vie for the opportunity through an industry jury process to perform the coveted showcase stages. This is where Nova Scotia’s brightest and newest talent takes to the stage for their chance to turn the public and industry professionals into fans. The showcasing events are equally recognized as public events. Music Nova Scotia and the Host Committee will actively engage the general public by promoting accessibility to showcasing events. 

2. Opening Reception: The Opening Reception is a two-hour meet and greet to start the weekend and officially welcome all delegates, community representatives, partners, and other dignitaries. The Host Committee Chair will host the event and will invite the Host Community Mayor to make welcoming remarks in a timely fashion. Hors d’oeuvres will be served and bar service will be provided. 

3. Exporting and Artist Development Conference: One of Music Nova Scotia’s prime objective is to design and facilitate an educational curriculum for artists and industry professionals. The conference has a global component that brings together top international industry professionals to share their expertise and to do business with Nova Scotian artists and companies.

During the conference delegates from new musicians to seasoned industry professionals get the opportunity to share insights, opinions, and expertise with some of the most influential leaders in the music sector.

Conference components include:
• Seminars/panels
• Speed meetings
• 5 Minute Pitch
• Domestic and international buyers program
• Key note address and interview

The development of the conference is executed by Music Nova Scotia.

4. Late Night Suite: The NSMW Late Night Suite is an exclusive after party for delegates, partners, Host Community Event Committee, and VIP’s only. This event also serves as a venue. A stage and audio/lighting production is provided as artists typically participate in spontaneous performances and jam sessions.

This venue usually starts at approximately 1:00 AM and closes at 4:00 AM. A special late night liquor license and security is required for this venue. 

5. Music and Industry Awards Celebration: This event honours outstanding achievements of musicians, media professionals, and industry professionals who have helped raise the level of excellence in the Nova Scotia music industry. It is a seated/cabaret style event, including live performances, and is open to the general public.

This event sees 300 participants and is held on the Sunday evening of Nova Scotia Music Week.

6. Closing Reception: As NSMW comes to a close the Music & Industry Awards opens the closing reception. This event is meant first and foremost as a volunteer appreciation party. Delegates, partners, Host Committee, and VIP’s are also welcome. Late night bar service and entertainment is provided.

Definition of Roles and Responsibilities
Having worked with numerous Host Committees over the years to create and grow Nova Scotia Music Week, a number of key factors have emerged that play a significant role in the success of the event. 

1. Host Community Vision
The success of NSMW is very much based on the nature of the vision that the Host Committee creates for its unique contribution to the legacy and future of the event. This vision needs to come from the heart and inspire people to get involved in the planning and delivery of activities. This vision must also be unique to compel Music Nova Scotia members, delegates, artists, managers, labels, broadcasters, industry professionals, media, and fans to all the event activities.

The Host Community Vision is an organizational cornerstone and the foundation for developing a strong marketing and communications strategy. It is also important that the Host Community vision is easily translated into attainable and quantifiable goals and objectives.

There are stakeholders whose needs must be incorporated in the Host Community vision, and will guide the design, planning, and delivery of the activities.

These stakeholders are:
• Music Nova Scotia
• Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage
• Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings
• Music Nova Scotia corporate partners
• Music Nova Scotia artists and their audiences
• The Nova Scotia music industry
• The local music community in the Host Community
• The national and international music industry

The Host Committee must create and provide a compelling vision statement that outlines the desired outcomes of NSMW in their community. This statement will inspire and energize the community to assist in this outcome and must be included in the official bid proposal.

2. Host Community Event Committee (Host Committee)
The key to a successful NSMW is the structure and role of the Host Committee. Our goal is that Music Nova Scotia and the Host Committee work as a team to showcase our industry and the Host Community to the rest of the world. The Host Committee “teams” with Music Nova Scotia to offer early logistical assistance and guidance, right through to event support, and by event time has become a full partner in all targets and goals.

The Host Community Event Committee will be comprised of the following volunteer positions:

Host Committee Chair

Sponsorship Coordinator

Marketing/Street Team Leader

Volunteer Coordinator

Transportation Coordinator

International Hospitality Coordinator

3. Event Licensing Fee for Nova Scotia Music Week
The Host Committee is to provide Music Nova Scotia a licensing fee for NSMW of $30,000.00 (2020), $32,500 (2021), $35,000 (2022). Full payment will be required upon signing of the Host Community contract. This payment will serve as early seed money for Music Nova Scotia.

In addition to the cash-licensing fee it is the responsibility of the Host Committee to secure a $20,000.00 in-kind investment to NSMW. Proof of this investment must be made available to Music Nova Scotia upon request. Areas of in-kind contribution include local pageantry plan (including outdoor signage), accommodations for Music Nova Scotia staff, board, and committee, event shuttle service, provision of communication devices to key volunteers and drivers, and community owned venue rental fees.

The Host Committee may source this in-kind contribution through partnership initiatives. These initiatives must be communicated to Music Nova Scotia in advance for approval to prevent multiple asks of the same partner and to ensure brand fit with NSMW.

4. Partnerships
Enlisting partners is a process designed and carried out in a collaborative effort of the Host Committee and Music Nova Scotia. A coordinated approach is essential so that long-term partner contracts and relationships with Music Nova Scotia are respected, and to alleviate competitor situations.

All partnership opportunities initiated by the Host Committee must be brought forward to Music Nova Scotia for approval. The Host Committee is entitled to seek partnership opportunities to offset the $20,000.00 in-kind investment but these must be pre-approved by the Executive Director of Music Nova Scotia.

Music Nova Scotia works with year round partners and must ensure there is no actual or perceived conflict with these partners. It is also important that all new partnership asks are strategic in their approach and that Music Nova Scotia and the Host Community Event Committee are not tripping over each other in regard to new partnership investment asks.

All partnership communications between Music Nova Scotia and the Host Committee will be directed through the office of the Executive Director of Music Nova Scotia.

The following NSMW properties are exclusive to Music Nova Scotia partnership opportunities:
• Nova Scotia Music Week title sponsorship
• All showcasing stages
• Conference and delegate bags
• Music and Industry Awards Celebration
• A specific inventory of awards

5. Registration/Ticketing/Box Office
All registration of delegates, ticketing, and box office operations are the responsibility of Music Nova Scotia. All revenues from ticketing of NSMW events are retained by Music Nova Scotia.

The Host Committee will be responsible for assisting Music Nova Scotia in the set up of box office locations on or before May 15th in the host community. The Host Committee will also be responsible for suggesting additional retail outlets in strategic locations throughout the target market area.

Any requests for delegate registrations and/or event tickets from the Host Committee must be presented to Music Nova Scotia for approval and distribution. This includes any tickets required for Host Committee partners.

6. Event Budget
The development of the budget for NSMW is built on known and expected costs that Music Nova Scotia has identified throughout the years. The liability of Nova Scotia Music Week activities specific to budget is that of Music Nova Scotia and therefore ultimate budget management and approvals rest with Music Nova Scotia.

7. Artistic Programming
All artistic programming for NSMW events are the responsibility of Music Nova Scotia. 

8. Marketing and Communications
The marketing strategy of NSMW is one of the most important components that will contribute to the success of the event. Along with the marketing planning of Music Nova Scotia – the Host Committee adds strong support through a collaborative effort that identifies key goals and targets to strengthen NSMW.

It is the responsibility of Music Nova Scotia and the Host Committee to develop and execute a marketing plan that impacts local, regional, and national constituents. 

Music Nova Scotia will be directly responsible for developing and executing the over all marketing plan while the Host Committee will be directly responsible to developing and executing the Local Pageantry Plan.

Music Nova Scotia will be directly responsible for the following marketing initiatives:
• Development of event marketing plan
• All print advertisement design, messaging, and placement
• Design and production of official event conference signage
• All radio advertisement scripting and placement
• Official website development and maintenance
• All social networking website accounts and updates
• Music Nova Scotia membership communications via electronic newsletter
• Press releases on box office details, artistic line up, award nominations, conference content and schedules, etc.
• Design and development of official program guide

The Music Nova Scotia Marketing and Communications Coordinator will work closely with the Host Committee to execute the marketing plan. The Host Committee will be directly responsible for the following marketing initiatives:
• Development and execution of local pageantry plan
• Engaging local businesses to participate in pageantry activities such as store front window displays
• Communication with local business on event details
• Encouragement of local businesses to participate in extended hours to accommodate delegates
• Distribution of event posters and other collateral provided by Music Nova Scotia
• Distribution of official program guide
• Production and distribution of Music Nova Scotia approved event outdoor signage throughout the Host Community
• Assisting Music Nova Scotia in identifying key target markets surrounding the Host Community
• Assisting Music Nova Scotia in identifying key media outlets in the Host Community surrounding area
• Posting of event details on local websites
• Attracting local interest to official social networking sites
• Word of mouth buzz marketing

9. Branding
At all times the brands “Nova Scotia Music Week”, “NSMW” and “Music Nova Scotia” must be given exacting care when developing marketing materials for the event. Each is a registered trademark and cannot be altered or represented in alternative forms. Music Nova Scotia and NSMW are the two trademarks used, attached to the event.

After a Host Community is awarded the event it becomes titled “NSMW year/ community name”.

Music Nova Scotia is directly responsible for delivering brand communication standards to the Host Committee. The Host Committee will be directly responsible for applying these standards to any event collateral produced by the Host Community. The Host Committee will also be directly responsible for bringing all such design to Music Nova Scotia for approval prior to production and distribution.

10. Public Relations
Establishing strong ties with local, regional, and national media is fundamental to the success of NSMW. Working in cooperation with the Music Nova Scotia Communications Coordinator, the Host Committee is responsible for:

• Setting specific targets for attracting media to the event
• Aiding in the physical infrastructure that will be required to assist the media such as designated press conference areas, internet connections, etc.
• Working directly with the Music Nova Scotia Marketing and Communications Coordinator to help create a strategy for developing media interest leading up to, and during, NSMW

All communications that directly relate to Music Nova Scotia and NSMW are to come from the Music Nova Scotia office exclusively. Any press releases the Host Committee wishes to distribute must be pre-approved by the Music Nova Scotia Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

11. Crisis Communication Management
Music Nova Scotia has a specific Crisis Communication Management document that sets out in detail the protocol used when unforeseen circumstances arise and information must be communicated to the public. This document is an appendix to the Host Community contract agreement.

The Host Committee is directly responsible for becoming familiar with this document and following the protocol set out in this document in the unlikely event of an unforeseen circumstance.

12. Volunteers
Volunteers are the lifeblood of NSMW. Qualified volunteers carry out functions in all aspects of the event from running the event to driving delegates to their destinations.

Successful events are ones in which there is a large pool of skilled and qualified volunteers, the people love what they do, and feel well appreciated for their contribution. This requires that a comprehensive volunteer strategy is professionally developed and implemented. As a minimum, this strategy needs to include the basics of recruiting and training volunteers, and how their contributions to the event will be managed and acknowledged.

Music Nova Scotia is directly responsible for the following components of the volunteer strategy:
• Updating and distribution of the NSMW Volunteer Manual
• Working closely and communicating frequently with the Host Committee Volunteer Coordinator
• Online intake and management of volunteer registration
• Training and orientation of volunteers

The Host Committee is directly responsible for:
• Recruitment of 160 volunteers from the local community
• Ensuring a portion of volunteers are bilingual (French, English)
• Provision of a logistics/transportation coordinator
• Provision and management of a volunteers headquarters during the event
• Implementation and enforcement of the NSMW Volunteer Manual provided by Music Nova Scotia
• Timely communication with Music Nova Scotia staff and committee
• Provision of communication devices on-site for key volunteers and most importantly transport drivers

13. Technical Production
Music Nova Scotia is responsible for all matters surrounding technical production of NSMW. Specifically, this includes but is not necessarily limited to:
• Tender draft and distribution
• Awarding of production tender and contract negotiations
• Hiring of the event Technical Director
• Technical specifications
• Show technical design

14. Venues
The selection and programming of venues is the sole responsibility of Music Nova Scotia. The Host Committee is directly responsible for providing Music Nova Scotia with a list of potential venues and the coordination of venue site visits. These site visits will be used to determine suitability of potential venues for NSMW.

Once the venues are selected Music Nova Scotia will enter into a contractual relationship directly with the venue owners. The NSMW Venue Contracts are provided by Music Nova Scotia.

15. Showcasing
The selection and programming of showcasing stages/artists is the sole responsibility of Music Nova Scotia. Music Nova Scotia engages in a call for submissions to our membership. These submissions are then juried by a group of industry peers for showcasing selection. This entire process is executed and managed by Music Nova Scotia only.

The Host Community Event Committee is prohibited from any involvement and/or interruption of this process. 

Music Nova Scotia maintains exclusivity over NSMW contracted artists and may or may not grant permission for their usage outside of NSMW events. 

16. Conference/Educational Programming
The selection and programming of NSMW conference/educational program is the direct responsibility of Music Nova Scotia. The Host Community Event Committee shall play no direct role in the programming process of the conference/educational program other than volunteer support that is required surrounding logistics.

17. Housing/Accommodations
Music Nova Scotia and the Host Committee will work in tandem to secure hotel block bookings required for Music Nova Scotia staff, committee, technical crew, conference guests, and select performers whose contract terms require accommodations. The Host Community must have hotel room inventory available to accommodate 600 delegates. The official host hotel must also offer adequate conference space to host the educational panels, a showcasing stage, and late night suite. The host hotel must also have a restaurant and be equipped to handle professional catering services for a conference of 1000 registered delegates.

Music Nova Scotia and the Host Committee will work in tandem to secure an NSMW Host Hotel and Conference Centre. 

The desired outcomes of a host community/host hotel partnership is 70 complimentary room nights for Music Nova Scotia staff/committee, complimentary use of conference space in the host hotel, and a Nova Scotia Music Week conference rate of $130.00 per night. 

The Host Committee is directly responsible for working with Music Nova Scotia to secure this partnership. The value of this contribution is in-kind contribution by the Host Community.

Once the host hotel partnership is signed and the room requirements for all working personnel and special guests are blocked it is the responsibility of Music Nova Scotia to communicate the host hotel information to our membership. Individuals attending NSMW are responsible for booking their own accommodations after this information is released.

It is the responsibility of the Host Committee to communicate host hotel information to the public at large.

18. Security
The provision of security during NSMW is a condition attached to the individual venue contract. Each individual venue is required by contract to provide professional security during NSMW events.

19. Event Insurance
Music Nova Scotia carries event liability insurance for NSMW in the amount of $5 million. It is a condition of the NSMW venue contract that all venues also carry a minimum of $2 million in liability insurance and that they name Music Nova Scotia as an additional insured during the event dates.

20. Host Community Bid must include:
1. Year(s) bidding on (2020, 2021, 2022)
2. Vision Statement
3. Licensing Fee Guarantee ($30,000.00 cash 2020, $32,500 cash 2021, $35,000 2022 and $20,000.00 in-kind). In-kind must include but is not limited to: 
• 70 Room nights in host hotel for MNS staff and committee
• Local pageantry plan including outdoor signage
• Conference space
• Shuttle service
• Communication devices for key volunteers and transport team
• Community owned venue access and support i.e. community arena
4. List of potential venues
5. Hotel inventory available
6. Conference space available
7. Catering services available
8. Local amenities and restaurants

Important Dates:

Bidding Opens: March 19, 2019

Bidding Closes: May 15, 2019