Updates to Music NS Investment Programs 2020

Important Changes to the Music Nova Scotia Investment Program
Please be advised of the following important changes to the Music Nova Scotia Investment Program:

1. The program levels for artists are being renamed; the same programs are available to the corresponding levels.
Please read full updated guidelines here

2. The criteria for reaching Artist II and Artist III have been changed to be exclusively objective and measurable criteria. Artists wishing to move up programs must update their profiles and submit a request to change programs via email to the Investment Program manager at least two weeks prior to program deadlines.

Please read full updated guidelines here

3. Important Changes to the Artist Development Program

● The maximum award for the Artist Development program will now be $3,000 instead of $4,000
● The Artist Development program will now have $60,000 budgeted instead of $40,000, allowing us to invest in 20 projects instead of 10.
● The Artist Development program will now have a 50% cap on extra-provincial expenditures. 50% of eligible costs will have to be spent in the province and 50% may be spent outside of the province.
● The Artist Development program application will now require one document outlining the applicant’s plan for their Artist Development year, rather than an individual overview, marketing, video, touring, showcasing, and recording sections. This is in line with FACTOR’s current requirements.

4. In-Kind/Donated Services will now be capped at 10% of eligible costs rather than 25% of eligible costs.

5. Marketing Program
● In recognition of the fact that many artists and genres are heavily focused on singles and shorter length releases, there will no longer be a qualifying release requirement for marketing projects. However, all marketing projects must be marketing some type of release (single, EP, Full-Length Album) or Tour. Projects focused solely on asset creation are ineligible.
● Marketing awards will be capped at 2.5x the per round maximum per fiscal year. The maximum any artist (regardless of whether multiple labels apply) may receive in the marketing program per fiscal year is$12,500 in Artist II and $25,000 in Artist III.

6. Mentorship Program
● Eligible wage claim will be raised from $15 per hour to $20 per hour
● Accommodations will be capped at $1,500 for extra-provincial projects
● Travel costs capped at $1,500 for extra-provincial travel
● Per Diems capped at 15 days. Per Diems only allowed for days at
extra-provincial conferences and festivals.

7. Important Changes to Business Programs

a. The Business Development program will no longer exist. In its place, we will now have a Business Travel program for Developing Businesses. This program will be a juried program with deadlines on March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15. There will be a $1,500 annual cap per Business and $15,000 allocated to the program.

b. The criteria for being a Developing Business will now include, having been a registered business in the province of Nova Scotia for over 1 year and the provision of financial statements demonstrating the business is earning non-funding income. It is not a requirement that Developing Businesses be profitable as MNS recognizes that new businesses may require investment beyond income, but Developing Businesses must be able to demonstrate income.