Dusty Keleher

Dusty Keleher writes songs that tell a good story and searches out gems from the past that do the same.

Simply put, roots/traditional music that takes its cue from ancient Irish ballads and songs from the folk/rock canon. Original modern day tales on subjects far and near. From whatever genre and tradition he draws on, Dusty brings a heartfelt soul to all the songs he sings.

He has been releasing work since the mid 90's when he went by the name Dusty Sorbet. Putting out lo-fi 4 track cassette recordings and then making the big jump to compact disc (whoa).

2004's independently released "Wanderers Grounds" was nominated for Best Folk/Roots recording by the Nova Scotia Music Association.

In 2009 a short run of two eps "East to Ireland" volumes 1 and 2 came out after Dusty traveled to Ireland and started focusing his music on more traditional sounds.

2015 saw the release of "Not a Mile From Spancil Hill" a collection of pub songs and ballads featuring Ellen Gibling on Harp and Glenn Coolen on whistles and uileann pipes.

A new collection of original material drawing on both the folk/rock and Irish traditions called "The Way To Grace" is nearing completion. A record of old Irish songs and stories sung a capella is set to be released as a companion piece to The Way To Grace. The songs in the player are from those two records