Dusty Keleher


Dusty Keleher writes songs that tell a good story and searches out gems from the past that do the same.

Simply put, roots/traditional music that takes its cue from ancient Irish ballads to songs from the folk/rock canon. Original modern day tales on subjects far and near. From whatever genre and tradition he draws on, Dusty brings a heartfelt soul to all the songs he sings.

Songs in the player above are sung in English and Irish languages

He has been releasing work since the mid 90's when he went by the name Dusty Sorbet. Putting out lo-fi 4 track cassette recordings and then making the big jump to compact disc.

2004's independently released "Wanderers Grounds" was nominated for Best Folk/Roots recording by the Nova Scotia Music Association.

In 2009 a short run of two eps "East to Ireland" volumes 1 and 2 came out after Dusty traveled to Ireland and started focusing his music on more traditional sounds.

2010 saw Dusty join The Halifax Ghost Walk as a storyteller. Combining his love of folklore, history and performance, he guides locals and tourists like on this 2 hour walking tour through the city's downtown core.

2015 saw the release of "Not a Mile From Spancil Hill" a collection of pub songs and ballads featuring Ellen Gibling on Harp and Glenn Coolen on whistles and uileann pipes.

A new collection of original material drawing on both the folk/rock and Irish traditions called "The Way To Grace" is nearing completion. A record of old Irish songs and stories sung a capella is set to be released as a companion piece to The Way To Grace. The songs in the player are from those two records