posted by The Rebel Prospects on Thursday July 25


Everett Powers to the audience: “Cheers fuckers!”Clear from the outset that The Rebel Prospects were not simply prospective rebels, they were indeed rebels, and they had a cause: to rock the night away with heavy riffs, dirty bass, sizzling solos, pounding drums, and roaring vocals.

TRP, from start to finish, was tight and right on the money. Front man and rhythm guitarist, Everett Powers, pumped the small crowd up with sheer personality. Reminiscent of Jim Morrison in manner, with a voice like Sully Erna, Powers raced around the bar, rocking his wireless flying V and tearing up the scene with a great house-of-blues-meets-metal vibe. Powers, in all his eccentricities, stole the show.

Not to be outdone though, lead guitarist and backup vocals, Ryan “Kross” Veinotte wailed away and managed some slide play as well. Bassist and backup vocals, Jason Hynes wasted no time on his heavy 5-string to pound away dirty bass lines through (as the band says they’re from) All-Overville. Lastly, drummer, Andrew Lambert, cool and collected, kept the band tight and terrific.

Not afraid to slow down the groove from their heavy hitters, we could see the vulnerability underneath the rocking exterior, without losing a hint of brilliance. Whether hammering originals or cool Clutch covers, TRP rocks them all with a degree of professional showmanship and musicality.


Anthony Leclair