"Forever" - Nominated for "R&B/Soul Recording of the Year at the ECMA's

posted by Selby Evans on Tuesday February 18

"Forever", a conceptual neo-soul album exploring contemporary social issues with a distinctive literary flair has been nominated for an East Coast Music Award. The five track EP was recorded in Halifax, in Selby Evans's home - with the exception of the drums, recorded at the Sonic Temple, and is in the running for "R&B/Soul Recording of the Year". Evans has said that he hopes the album "fosters and promotes progessive values and social conscience in a way which is both inviting and accessible". The album features some remarkable melodies and harmonies - each song featuring a modulating bridge and interesting chord changes - the structure of the music is clear and the musicianship top shelf. A hip-hop influence is tempered by jazz sensitivity, and punctuated by surprising vocal harmonies. 

The album credits are as follows: 

Selby Evans: Lyrics, music, vocals, guitar, synths, production

William Aeberhardt: Bass, music, production

Alex Wrathell: Drums 

Mixing: William Aeberhardt, Selby Evans, Jean-Pascal Comeau 

Mastering: Jean-Pascal Comeau 

Listen to the album here: