Troy Alistair // Stand Back // Spirit of the Wildfire

posted by Troy Alistair on Wednesday February 19

Troy Alistair are back from recording and are preparing to release their debut album. Come catch them and friends Stand Back for a night of good times and shenanigans.

Troy Alistair (@TroyAlistairMusic)
With driving drum beats, catchy hooks, and relatable lyrical content, Halifax-based group, Troy Alistair, is coming in swinging with captivating and energetic performances. Blurring the lines between rock, funk, rap, and pop, their upbeat and dance-worthy songs fit perfectly with their “work hard, play hard” mentality. Encouraging listeners to stand up for what they believe in, and let go of their inhibitions to shake their bodies and have fun.

Spirit of the Wildfire (@SpiritoftheWildfire)
ECMA nominated Spirit of the Wildfire assaults their listeners with a high energy, dynamic experience from an arsenal of unique styles and sounds. Combining a diverse array of influences from Ska to Hip Hop, with a hard hitting punk aggression, the group dubs their sound 'Funk Punk’.

Stand Back (@StandBackBand)
Stylish guitar riffs, a grooving blues-rock rhythm section, and the versatility of three lead vocalists combine to form Stand Back’s unique sonic identity - an eclectic fusion of rock, blues and pop music that can only be classified as Canadiana.