Winter Rush

posted by Heather Armstrong on Monday February 22

Dear Family,

It has been a wild ride this winter. Four song releases, already, thanks to the dedicated Alex Buchanan, of Harbourtone Productions , in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. The creative evolution of a song is a feeling that will never get old. Such talented musicians helping me out: Stewart Franck, Josh Wagner, Alex Buchanan - my gratitude is overflowing.

We headed back to the studio to officially complete "Fearless Contribution." This will be the first album, and it will be released this summer. Such a heavenly feeling as I am taken back to childhood - cleaning the house and singing into whatever I could find. This dream is becoming a reality with so much help from supporters, my goodness, I thank all of you to the end of my being.

First official solo show was at a local brewery. The audience was happy to hear all originals. It was then I finally came to terms as to where to go as a musician. Joni Mitchell is an idol of mine and she sings all originals - no covers. Looking up to her full-heartedly as this next step is taken.

Next performance will be virtually live on the Music Exchange Facebook Group, as well as a pre-show on my new facebook group, and Instagram page.  

Thank you for reading, more is to come, and it is always an honour to sing to all of you.



Heather Armstrong