Prospects Good For Saturday Night

posted by The Rebel Prospects on Tuesday December 17

After years of member and soul searching The Rebel Prospects are pulling out all the pins for their EP Release party at Michael’s Bar and Grill this Saturday, November 9.

Dave Lidstone

CD releases happen all the fucking time. There’s one every week. What makes this one a bit more ambitious is the film crew, Top Of The Line Productions, and director Mitch Kays; radio and media personalities; giveaways, sponsors and special guest host, comedian Stephen Kinch. Not to mention TRP will whip out their acoustic set before plugging in and turning on their electrics.

Documenting the CD release was something we wanted to create so we could share the night… with the three “F” words…family, friends and fans,” says lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Everett Powers. “We will also be releasing the documentary as a double disc with the release of the LP early next year!” TRP will be pinning away in the studio after a tour in support of their new EP, Unkindness, and will be working with producers Adam Moser and Jon Epworth on the full-length.

There have been five drummers and three bass players come and go in the TRP gang– all of whom failed to gel with Powers and his long-time mononymous musical companion, lead guitarist, Kross.

Powers met current drummer, Andrew Lambert, in the basement of a Barrington Street Heritage building and after conversing about music they became pals. In Powers’ words, “he was the friend and heavy sticks TRP was ever so patiently waiting for.

Unkindness is a five-song recording that was engineered and produced by Moser, engineered by Erin Eady-ward and co-engineered by Cory LeRue at CodaPop Studios. The recording was done over the course of eight days and features a line-up which has only been a band since February, 2013. Bassist Jason Hynes, or “the vanilla gorilla” to his band, was the final bar in the song that has become TRP.

Three months before going into CodaPop a friend came to me about a “Friendly Giant”, a.k.a. Mister Jason Hynes,” says Powers. “He wasn’t kidding. This man is the guy you see coming down the road and you cross the street to avoid him. Even though he’s 6’4, 240 lbs, and has long black curly hair with a matching beard to boot, he’s one of the most honest, caring and genuine people I know. His appearance describes his bassist ability in one word: intimidating!”

You can find out more about the Unkindness EP release party righ’chere!