Dana Beeler: 'The Long Goodbye' CD Release at The Company House

posted by Hello Delaware on Thursday June 13
Musically, Dana Beeler has it all.  She is a gifted songwriter, has a beautiful voice, is charming and instantly likable.  She sings with a raw emotion that draws the listener into her world.   This emotion, displayed on her debut release 'The Long Goodbye', is even more evident in her live performance.   On November 2nd,  Beeler held her CD Release Party for 'The Long Goodbye'.  The evening was warm and inviting, providing a real family and friends atmosphere at The Company House. 
Opening Solo Numbers
Before bringing her band out to play the songs from 'The Long Goodbye', Beeler took to the stage and played four songs on her own.  Her exceptionally strong singing voice was evident from the opening notes of Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City".  Beeler then played three new songs, explaining that she had continued writing while recording her album.  For these untitled songs she played her acoustic guitar.  Playing on her own, Beeler exuded an Indigo Girls/Ani Difranco vibe.  
Having attended Lilith Fair 15 years ago, it was easy to envision Beeler playing alongside Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Indigo Girls, and the many talented artists involved in the celebration of women in music.  Beeler's musical style and ability would have allowed her to fit seamlessly into the Lilith Fair line-up.
 The Long Goodbye
Following her solo performance, Beeler was joined by her band for a run through of the eight songs from 'The Long Goodbye'.  
The band featured James Bentley on electric guitar; Beeler's father, Warren Beeler, on bass; her uncle, Nathan Beeler,  on mandolin, guitar and keys; and Scott Ferguson on drums. 
The band, especially "Uncle Nate", looked to be having a fabulous time. 

Holding to the well appreciated theory that a CD release party should include all the songs from the release, the band played all of the songs from the album in order starting with the opening track "Traveller".  The band was then joined onstage by violin player Rosanna Burrill for a gorgeous rendition of the moving "Sailor Song".  For "Father Father" and "It's Always Sunny", Beeler's mother and two sisters joined in on harmony vocals.  Following "The Woodman's Song" and the title track, "The Long Goodbye", the band played "Little Heart".  "Little Heart" is a fantastic county tune Beeler performs on the album with local county crooner Ryan CookAs Cook was unavailable for the evening, Bentley was tasked with singing Cook's part.  Bentley performed exceptionally well, seeming quite comfortable exchanging verses with Beeler about his "lyin' cheatin' hateful little heart".   Beeler's performance seemed to get better with each song and she totally killed on 'Last Call', the final song from the album.
Although Beeler had finished playing all of the songs from the album, the crowd was not ready to let her go.  
Returning to play Bob Seger's "Turn The Page" for the encore, Beeler left the crowd with a "you had to be there" moment.  Standing alone on stage with her guitar, Beeler sang the familiar opening words "On a long and lonesome highway, East of Omaha".  At that moment, the Company House went eerily quiet. 
It was a haunting atmosphere where no one spoke..., no one moved..., and it seemed as if no one breathed.  All were focused fully on Beeler and the magic emanating from the stage.  When she finished, the crowd exploded with a well deserved ovation. 
It was a wonderful night at The Company House.  A night when the funny and charming Beeler entertained, while mixing her songs with engaging stories.  A night that will be remembered fondly by those in attendance. 
 Set List
1. Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen cover)
2. Untitled new song
3. Untitled new song
4. Untitled new song
From 'The Long Goodbye'
5. Traveller
6. Sailor Song (with Rosanna Burrill on violin)
7. Father Father (with mother and two sisters on harmony vocals)
8. It's Always Sunny (with mother and two sisters on harmony vocals)
9.  The Woodman's Son
10. The Long Goodbye
11. Little Heart (duet with James Bentley)
12. Last call
Encore (Solo)
13. Turn The Page (Bob Seger cover)