Dana Beeler The Other Side of Love- EXCLAIM!

posted by Hello Delaware on Thursday June 13

Sep 24 2011 |By Randi Beers

It's undeniable that Dana Beeler has the skills to write beautiful, bluesy tunes, as well as the chops to do them justice. Her first EP, The Other Side of Love, is comprised of five songs that make these facts apparent. Her one-woman storytelling style is reminiscent of Amelia Curran and her vocal delivery has the qualities of Melissa Etheridge, despite the fact that Beeler is only half Etheridge's age. "Runner" is the stand out track on the album, confident in its pop qualities yet retaining a dirty, gleaming edge. While this EP is very good, it only portends the potential this Halifax, NS singer-songwriter has in her budding career. What we can all hope to hear from Beeler in the next few years would be a well produced full-length that fills out her sound a bit.