Busy Busy Studio!

posted by Tim Feswick on Saturday July 25

We're having some exciting new artists and bands during the next few months. This makes 2015 a crazy busy year thus far!!  I'm not complaining...trust me :)

Some new and existing clients includes:

Buzzee Brown, Burntlands, Catahoula Brown, Shane Moore, Cy, Jocelyn Parlee, Lynnea Rose, Glenda Pennel, David Townsend, Lindsay Misiner, Joanna Butler, and Dave Fultz.

That takes us clear till mid October

We're really enjoying the new Apollo Quad and mac Pro!!  Processing by Neve, Pultec, Shadow Hills, API and Fairchild to name a few, takes the sonic dynamics to a whole new level.

It allows an already fussy producer to even get fussier. (how is that even possible? ) 

More news from Feswick Studios coming soon.

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