Updates from The Lair

posted by LATHANZIA on Saturday June 17

Four songs formally released and available on CDBaby, Itunes & Spotify. The four chosen so far are:
"Waves Of Infinity"

"Angel Killers"

"Rememeber Me"

"Gypsy Dream".

The EP is nearing the finish line with the last two songs now in production. "Today" is a straght out rocker and "Shadpw Queen" is beautiful and the darkest song yet.
"Waves" and "Gypsy Queen" are in rotation on "Emidio's Rock Den" on MXLR/Radio 360. "Waves" is also on Tri City Radio (online) as well.
The EP will be going out to the radio stations that have requested it soon.
"Gypsy Dream" is the lead track from next years CD, "Rock, Paper, Tree".
Peace to all.