National PTSD Benefit Gala (Veterans & First Responders)

posted by Jessie Tylre Williams on Monday September 11


International Recording Artist & Singer/Songwriter, Ms. Jessie Tylre Williams (Planetary Persuasion Ltd.) (founder of The National PTSD Benefit Gala’s across Canada), in association with The Society of Atlantic Heroes will host a National PTSD Benefit Gala on 21 October 2017 at the Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax.  Master of Ceremonies for this year’s Gala will be comedian Mark Critch from This Hour has 22 Minutes. The objective of the Gala is to create national awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a treatable injury and to eliminate the stigma associated with it.  Proceeds from the Gala will help fund programs that focus on delivering integrated supports to treat and help individuals to quickly recover from mental health issues related to PTSD.  The Gala will feature a LIVE and silent auction to help raise funds for this worthy cause. 

ECLECTIC SINGER/SONGWRITER, Jessie Tylre Williams is determined to create a Nat’l awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as an injury and to aid in the removal of the stigma associated with it and to work towards the ultimate goal, “The Treatment and Recovery of PTSD”. The objective of the Benefit Gala is to fund existing and recognized programs focusing on the recovery of PTSD, education on the topic, and the different treatments available. Partnerships with organizations such as The Trauma Healing Centre, UPS Medicine Hat and The Society of Atlantic Heroes, Jessie is using her music to urge people to come out and support this great cause. Our benefactor for all PTSD Gala’s in the Atlantic Provinces is The Society of Atlantic Heroes.

With new programs on the rise focusing on empowering individuals dealing with PTSD and providing them with the tools needed to help them get back into civilian life, these Gala’s have already provided our Veterans and First Responders with great opportunities to rise above this injury. “It feels so good to give back, to leave a piece of me wherever I go. Something I feel so blessed to be able to do, to use music as a way to connect with people and help them through their hardships with hopes that I can inspire others along the way. We must never stop believing. Where there is life~~there truly is hope. We are all in this together. Music is such a powerful force and it can really heal and transform lives.”

Jessie followed a gypsy lifestyle of movement from a young age and turned to music as a way of grounding herself. As a passionate singer/songwriter, Williams preaches the potential of sound and voice as a healing medium and gains her musical influence through lending a hand to others that need support during their own hardships.

Using our “Nat’l PTSD Benefit Gala’s” as a gateway to accessing reputable organizations and offering solutions for PTSD, this will allow ALL serving members (past and present, fire, police, military, EMS and other service Men & Women), an opportunity to learn and grow in an environment where they feel safe and understood.

                                                   “Healing the World - One Song at a Time!©

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