EP: Black Smoke Rising

posted by LATHANZIA on Wednesday September 13

The LATHANZIA EP: Black Smoike Rising was released on CD Baby 13 Sept 2017.
The "Black Smoke Rising" EP is a collection of songs from fast rockers to epic ballads to dreamy "tales". The songs have a 70's Hard Rock feel with guitar and keys combining to drive the songs.
1. "Waves of Infinity" looks at the influences that drive us. It is a personal song written about the two Grandfathers that I did not have a chance to get to know but still felt their influences in a subtle way.
2. "Secret Rockstar" is a song for all musicians who have a life outside of the music they create. Sometimes people have no idea that you rock out and it would be interesting to see their reactions.
3. "Gypsy Dream" is the lead track from the LATHANZIA CD coming out in 2018 titled "Rock, Paper, Tree". It is the start of a sweeping tale that evolves. "Gypsy Dream" introduces on of the main characters in this epic.
4. "Shadow Queen" is a dark yet beautiful tale of revenge from ages past. Haunting tones and a moving story here.
5. "Remember Me" is a classic biker balled written from the heart. Speaks to all who live on two wheels.
6. "Angel Killers" is dedicated to all who have loved and lost. The situations vary but the feelings remain much the same. Told with a very dark metaphor that resonates.
7. "Today" is an upbeat rocker about finding light in the darkness. Learning to live your own life your own way.
8. "Remember Me (Acoustic)" is a campfire style rendition with a single guitar.
A collection of music to introduce LATHANZIA.
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