posted by The Blue Lane on Thursday November 9

The Blue Lane's latest EP "Blind" has been awarded "Jazz Recording of The Year."

"Unreal! The Blue Lane picked up a Music Nova Scotia award for 'Jazz Recording of the Year' last night at NSMW. Thanks to everyone who has supported the band so far, it truly means so much; from liking our FB page, to coming to our shows, to buying our records -- it all helps in a big way. Massive thanks to David Findlay for helping us hone our sound and for recording us! So proud of this group and the work we have done. SUPER amped to get back into the studio in early 2018 and record some more jazzy numbers. THANK YOU"

- Connor Booth


"I am still in awe - and want to say how deeply grateful we are to everyone who has supported The Blue Lane thus far. We could not be more proud and honoured to receive this!!! Super excited to say we will be going back into the studio to record more music early 2018!!! 

- Rachael Henderson

"Thanks to everyone who has been supporting The Blue Lane. It means so much to us. It has been an honour to receive “Jazz Recording of the Year.” We appreciate everyone who made “Blind” happen! I can’t wait to share more Blue Lane music with you all in 2018!"

- Morgan Cruickshank