New Song from LATHANZIA

posted by LATHANZIA on Tuesday December 5

For Immediate Release


New Song from LATHANZIA ; “Day of Darkest Night”

“Day of Darkest Night” is a Holiday song written about the Pagan Holiday of Yule. Weaving its own spell through the lyrics and composition, it is meant to be in harmony with the Traditional Christmas. The invocations will reach out to all who walk an Earth Based Path.

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Face to face with the  Full Moons Daughter

Feel the light

On the darkest night

Yule, the day of darkest night”


Christmas means different things to everyone and for some, the Celebration of Yule is a very personal spiritual experience. This song is dedicated to all who celebrate Yule, each in their own way. A very personal song, based on my own beliefs and experiences, meant to add a Pagan perspective to the Holiday Season.


Bright Blessings