Moonwake EP Release - Phonetic Limbo

posted by Moonwake on Thursday September 20

It’s now 2018, Moonwake is onto their third EP release, and all remains kosher in their corner after four seasons of hard work, relentless writing, and content promotion. It’s hard for the band to believe that it’s only been in full operation for one year - one in which the eight-piece have released five music videos and three EPs – the most recent being the deep-cutting “Phonetic Limbo”.

Phonetic Limbo treats its listener to a melancholic opening in Annulment, featuring a brigade of backwardness and strings which breaks into the underlying tonal theme for rest of the album –Darkness, morose panic, and honest uncertainty.

Without the Sun kicks the album into gear with booming, theatrical kick-drum and rim-ticks before guitar accompanies them to the rest of the song. Lyrically, it hints at a theme of indecision and resolution that can be interpreted also through their video featuring dancer/choreographer Anastasia Wiebe, which you can see here.

Peace of Mind, the band’s first single from Phonetic Limbo, keeps the tempo upbeat and in your face with a call and answer from the vocalists, who play the role of protagonist and thought (actual peace of mind).

Wallpaper rings in with a soft melody, accompanied by a male high harmony - an ode to the late Phil Everly. The vocalists rifle through the options of an apocalyptic relationship – do they patch things up or burn it to ground, starting over from the foundation?

Time Lapse Sequence carries the listener through an argument over communication, or a lack thereof. Analogically one character is straight-forward and direct, whereas the other is the opposite. The song takes a major step forward for Moonwake, as there is a crescendo of strings which ride the wave through to the end, when they are met by a hailstorm of heavy guitar.

All in all, Moonwake takes a profound leap artistically in Phonetic Limbo. Having more hands in the pot this time has developed a more mature feeling than their previous releases.