posted by Elsie Morden on Sunday February 17


"While touring in Manitoba, I went back to the town that I grew up in for the majority of my life: Graysville, MB. The total population was under 100 people.

Living here made me who I am and it led me to where I am now - pursuing country music and running a charity about bullying prevention, mental health awareness, and youth empowerment.

I am from a small town, but I have big dreams.

I wrote the song "Behind Those Trees" about when I first moved to Graysville. It was the perfect song to use for the video.

One of the main focuses of my "No Time for That" Tour, is to visit rural communities that have limited resources and that normally don't get presenters or performers in. I'm so happy to be visiting small towns across Canada free of charge.

Thank you Country Liberty for putting the spotlight on small towns and the people from them!"

-Elsie Morden