Guy Paul Thibault releases “The Road Between”

posted by Guy Paul Thibault on Friday March 1

Guy Paul Thibault releases “The Road Between”

After the huge success of 2017’s “It’s About Time”, Guy Paul returns with his new 9 song disc, “The Road Between”.

With tracks ranging from alternative rock (“Talk To Me”), straight ahead rock (“Anymore”, “Day Drinking”) to more laid back country style tunes (“Take Me”) and even a little modern blues (“Don’t See Me Cry”) Guy Paul shows his versatility, yet creates a more solid style of his own at the same time.

Enlisting an amazing cast of characters, Shawn Cherry returns on drums, Carolyn Cherry and Lisa Comeau-McDow provide stellar backup vocals, each shining on various songs. And Ian Lewer provides bass on the first single “Anymore” as well as naration on “Day Drinking”.

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