May 10 Single Release - The Drug Rugs

posted by The Drug Rugs on Friday April 12

Coming Soon: “Sandbar”

"Sandbar" will be the first single off The Drug Rug’s upcoming debut EP. As one of the band’s earliest songs, “Sandbar” took on a new surf-pop life through their work with producer Adam Warren (Glory Glory) and in its grandiose and shimmer, epitomizes their sound and serves aptly as the upcoming EP’s first calling-card. 

The music video for “Sandbar” invites you into the most beautiful and delirious daydream. Directed by Jeff Miller, The Drug Rugs guide you deeper into the playfulness of your imagination and pair colourful imagery with the song's surf-pop tones.

“Sandbar” will be released on May 10th 2019, with the full EP coming Fall 2019.