LACEWOOD - Debut Album - Beautiful Life!!

posted by LACEWOOD on Thursday June 13

LACEWOOD is thrilled to announce they have finished their debut album 'Beautiful Life'! Though currently available as a digital download booklet, the album will be officially launching in Spring 2019 with the release of the 3rd single from the album and support video to follow shortly after!

The two previously released singles, 'So What If I Miss You' & 'Let's Just Dance' released in advance of the album are found on this project too. You can check out their official videos on their youtube page, available through their website! With almost 10,000 youtube views to date, the band remains so grateful for the support and encouragement of their fans & peers.

You can even grab a FREE download of their Let's Just Dance Single on the homepage of their website!

We hope you all get "...Lost in this Beautiful Life' too!

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