The Blue Lane - New Single "Vision"

posted by The Blue Lane on Wednesday July 10

“Vision” is the title track from The Blue Lane’s upcoming album “Skyland Saga | Part One: Vision.” The album is to be released on July 13th and is part one of a series of concept albums, a saga of music. Vision’s underlying theme is one that addresses the depths of mental health recovery. The song is classic rock and roll, fused with virtuosic stylings that test the boundaries of modern jazz and rock. Vision sounds like Van Halen meeting the Alabama shakes in a casual, yet dignified jam session with Frank Zappa.


“Vision, lyrically paints a journey for the listeners through emotion evoking, thought provoking poetry. Throughout the new album there is an underlying theme that addresses the depths of mental health. The intimate lyrics and musical interpretations represent the human emotional experience.” 

 - Rachael Henderson


“You can see the way…You can see the light…”

- The Blue Lane


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