Floodland's Ampersand Release Show

posted by Floodland on Monday July 15

On Saturday August 10th, come out to the Company House and accompany Floodland in celebrating the release of their long awaited acoustic project, Ampersand. Joining them on the bill will be Heather Green and Mike Ryan.


Usually known for full on screaming guitar onslaughts, a raucous rhythm section and wailing vocals, the habitual Floodland occasion is typically a loud affair. A high energy shoot 'em up consisting of cymbal crashes, bouncing bassmen or some compound feedback here and there. More often than not, there might also be a pseudo ritual sacrifice of equipment against a backdrop of earsplitting noise wall tomfoolery. 

You know, a rock show.

And while the band was killing time between recording rock records, playing gigs all over and doing stereotypical rocker type stuff (reading Russian literature, hating on Nickelback and competing amongst themselves for skinniest jeans) they decided to shift some gears, throw caution to the wind and....turn down? Temporarily at least.

Earlier this year, the guys camped out with their best bud and ADAT wizard Ron Smith and his cavalcade of bitchin' microphones in a barn in Kingston to lay the basis for Ampersand, the band's third full length release in two years. With an emphasis on subtle dynamics, space, quiet and texture, the album is rife with sweeping vocal harmonies, intertwining acoustic guitars and revamped or unwound arrangements, featuring new songs and different twists on old Floodlandigan standards.

So, be at The Company House August 10th because Ampersand is gonna be released AND performed live in it's entirety, minus the wood stove and creaking floorboards. It doesn't happen often, this acousticality. Soon, the Floods will be armed with electricity and turned back up to 11. So don't miss out! Good pals Heather Green and Mike Ryan will be sharing the evening on stage and you're not gonna find a better room to hear this material.

Cover $7 or $10 and take a CD home with you

Doors at 9

Presented by Abracazebra Productions