Burry blends elements of indie, rock, and pop together to create a flavour of captivating music with an unforgettable and energetic stage presence. Residing on Canada’s East Coast, she strives to show her authenticity and originality through her musical style and well crafted lyricism.
Burry released her first single ‘For a Sad Soul’ in November of 2018, which has garnered over 12k streams across 50 different countries. She used the release of the ‘For a Sad Soul’ music video to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. In 2019, Burry released two more singles: ‘Bi the Way’, as well as a collaborative effort with Roy Angel, ‘Land of Monsters’, produced by The Town Heroes’ Mike Ryan. 
Burry is an LGBTQ2A+ artist who has dealt with subjects such as mental health and being an openly queer woman in the music industry. She strives to speak to and for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Burry has shared bills with The Town Heroes, T. Thomason, Sorrey, and Moscow Apartment, to name a few.