A Dartmouth four piece, Diamondtown blends the sweet harmonies and jangly tones of the Byrds with the moody gothic leanings of the Smiths and The Cure to create a sound that transcends both of these magical eras in pop music. Coming out from the remnants of Husband & Knife; KC Spidle (Dog Day, Bad Vibrations) and Evan Cardwell’s (Bad Vibrations, etc) dark folk project, they decided to refresh their brand and create a brighter, dreamier sound. By inviting Chris Thompson (formerly of Eric’s Trip, one of the Maritimes flag ship indie rock bands from the 90s, and an all time favourite group of KC and Evan’s) on bass and tenor harmonies, their vision was almost complete. The chemistry between these three indie stalwarts was immediate and the conceptual prototype of a new album started taking shape with inspired ease. Throughout this process it became evident a piece was missing in the mix so they called on Kate O’Neill, who played with Chris’s solo project Moonsocket, to fill in the spaces with drums and synth. A new album is quickly reaching completion with two singles and videos already available to the public. A new EP is out now along with some much anticipated live performances.