Doug Hawco

Doug Hawco is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Doug initially started out on George Street in St. John’s, Newfoundland, performing almost every day and night of the week. In 2000 Doug started performing in Vancouver in the winter months and back in St. John’s throughout the milder seasons.
He moved to Halifax in 2003 to record his first album, “My World” and quickly started performing in bars throughout the Maritime Provinces over the next 13 years.
In February 2017 Doug released his 2nd full length album called "Life on the Water", which has earned him a nomination at the 2017 Josie Music Awards for “Artist of the Year” in the Folk/Bluegrass/Americana category.
“Life on the Water” came in number 30 on the Top East Coast albums of 2017 on CIOE FM, a local radio station in Halifax.
This singer/songwriter writes on emotion instead of genre mainly due to his musical influences of rockers U2, Ryan Adams, Dave Matthews to name a few. Doug expresses his broad and unique writing style in his latest album with stories that will make you want to smile, dance or cry.

“Follow”, Doug’s 3rd full length album is due out in the summer of 2018 and has already had success. One of the unreleased songs gained song number 34 in the East Coast Top 100 on CIOE FM.
Playing in pubs for over 20 years, Doug's experience brings out a high level of professionalism and brings the crowd into an intimate setting. A stadium of 5000 or a cafe of 20 will be clapping and singing along with his performance.