An original pop country trio featuring:

Top Canadian Idol finalist - DWIGHT DEON
East Coast Pop Songstress/Philanthropist - LANA GRANT
Musician/Producer - CHRIS IANNETTI

Building on their individual music career success, their fans are now excited to see and hear them within this band platform - LACEWOOD. They have already created a buzz on radio/media with the pre-launch of two of their original singles and videos, 'So What If I Miss You' and 'Let’s Just Dance', ahead of their much-anticipated album, entitled ‘Beautiful Life’ which 'officially' launched this Spring, 2019.

LACEWOOD are currently working on their 3rd single/video release, 'Remember’, which will be launching later this summer. The 4th single, 'Beautiful Life’, will be filming late August, for release later this fall. The band wants to hit the fans with lots of music activity to build on the excitement of their first album. Their strong song-writing experience, along with some unique collaborations, tying them into Nashville with writing/musician peers, was/is an asset in their aim to create/produce a bounty of powerful radio friendly pop country hits.

Look for more original material, performances and fun promotions in the coming months/year to support their album. The good news is LACEWOOD haven’t stopped writing during this album launch process! They have their next album almost written, with plans to get back into the studio this winter to start recording Album #2!
We encourage you to pop by the band’s website:, where you can download a FREE MP3 of one of their singles! Plus, there are more links there to keep you in touch with their progress.

Contact: LACEWOOD (Dwight Deon, Lana Grant and Chris Iannetti)
Twitter: @lacewoodband3
Phone: 902-497-8251(Granite Records)

LACEWOOD Bandmates:

DWIGHT DEON - Many will remember from his music celebrity status as one of the top 4 artists selected by voters on the nationally televised Canadian Idol TV series. He’s maintained an active pop/rock solo career performing and song-writing with a strong and loyal fan base. The transition to a band format has been bringing out the best in Dwight's songwriting and performance!

Lana Grant - has been active in the pop/contemporary music genre and has released 5 original solo CD’s during the span of her career and received numerous awards and nominations related to her musical contributions. She also gifts her music/celebrity assistance to a number of philanthropic/charitable organizations she’s passionate about, giving them a unique voice and boost through songs/performances to create interest and raise awareness to worthy causes dear to her heart. One such project was for the Mental Health Foundation of NS, where Lana created a group Christmas song/CD (Changing the Way People Think at Christmas) and had 10+ other celebrity musicians join voices together, garnishing national media attention and raising over $20,000 in just a couple months for this organization. Lana was also the creator of the highly successful ‘Musicians, Memories & Morsels ~ An East Coast Story Cook Book’, which brought together 40+ well known East Coast Music artists sharing personal food memories and recipes and raising awareness about Mental Illness. This was followed up with her Cook Book Concert Tour – another successful collaborative effort with some of the cook book contributing artists.

Chris Iannetti - is a highly respected musician from this region and has performed and toured in numerous shows & countries beyond LACEWOOD, with a variety of artists such as; Jason Benoit, Dave Carroll, Keonte Beals, Makayla Lynn, Bruce Guthro, Reeny Smith, Brooklyn Blackmoore, Gary Beals, and countless more. He is also a sought after producer and songwriter and has his own studio, where he has worked with dozens of artists from every genre from rap to country. Chris has been integral in the music creation, production and band lead for Lana during the entire span of her music career and this is a natural progression to a lead role in this newly formed band collaboration.