The Strange Valentines

The Strange Valentines are noted for their unique blend of Canadiana contemporary folk drawn from Australian rock (David Farrell) and Nova Scotia folk (Janet Mills). Strong melodies, soulful stories, quirky humour, smidges of salt and grit, and rich harmonies mark each soulful performance. Inspired by the work of The Waifs and Jason Isbell, they come out sounding somewhere between Brandi Carlisle and The Milk Carton Kids. Both members share lead and harmony vocals, using wit and sincerity to tell provocative stories.

Since releasing Odd Angled Love Songs for Humans in 2019, The Strange Valentines have moved across the country from Regina, Saskatchewan to River John, Nova Scotia. The forks along the way have been inspiration to create an album of ‘forks’. The tone is a real life honest and human reflection of experience with acoustic instrumentation and harmonies. As an ironic twist, Forks was released to the world during lockdown on April 18, 2020.

David Farrell is an accomplished guitarist previously part of the Australian rock circuit, touring and opening for such major acts as INXS and Canned Heat. Janet Mills was born into Nova Scotia kitchen parties and plays mandolin, guitar, piano, and Irish bouzouki.

The two met in Atlanta and struck a chord. Factors including enduring several years apart spanning the Atlantic Ocean, a sudden depart from working within (and in spite of) the bureaucracy of the science world, as well as various other personal strife, have proven to be a bottomless cup of songwriting inspiration.

Whether a political protest, an unjust story of strife, or a pirate song, you feel and become part of the journey in song.