Maura Whitman

Singer - Songwriter - Musician

Maura Whitman’s unique style and talent as a singer/songwriter is solely driven by her love of music and compelling passion to share her gift. In the prime of her youth at age 14, Maura is a powerful young artist from Herring Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Growing up in a household surrounded by fellow music enthusiasts, Maura’s musical career has been strongly influenced by a variety of genres, particularly jazz, rock and the blues. At the tender age of four, Maura’s first performance during a church Christmas concert marked the beginning of a future focused on music. Over the past ten years, she continued to perform at a variety of local community venues, from coffee houses to musical festivals, often in collaboration with her father and brother.
Today, as a self taught piano, guitar and ukulele player, Maura works with a vocal coach and is constantly honing her song writing and composing skills. With a love for many genres of music, Maura combines jazz, R&B and pop into her original music, projecting a mature and soulful voice much like popular artists Adele and Alicia Keys.
Maura’s debut single “Spread Your Wings” is written from her heart and based on personal life experiences. Excited to see what the future holds, Maura’s attention is focused on her love for music and sharing it with the world. Check out her latest works on iTunes.