New Draft

Based out of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada; New Draft was formed by Trevor Mullins (electric guitar), Brandon MacDonald (drums), Tristan Baxter (vocals), and Travis Mullins (bass guitar) in early 2017. The formation of the band was sought after by vocalist Tristan Baxter, after the break-up of his former local blues-rock band, Highway 125. The guys had previously met and were friends during high school. Shortly after, Spencer Roach, another former schoolmate, was asked to assume the position of lead guitarist. The band’s genre slowly began to establish its roots deep within the alternative rock genre, covering music from bands such as The Strokes, Radiohead, Pixies, and The Hives. The band began performing within the local industrial Cape Breton bar scene in late 2017.

The band began to become influenced by 80’s post-punk and new wave bands such as Joy Division, Killing Joke, and Depeche Mode throughout 2017-2018. More keyboards began to appear in their original music and covers. The band became associated with Tristan’s record label, The Steel Plant Records, in hopes to release some recordings.

New Draft recorded three demos at Smashbox Recordings and released them through March-April of 2018 via their SoundCloud. Early in the summer of 2018, bass guitarist Travis Mullins left the band and was replaced by his brother, Trevor Mullins, who had been previously on rhythm guitar.

Late in the summer of 2018, Katherine Woodford, Tristan’s girlfriend and local theater actress, joined the band as co-vocalist and keyboardist. The group began to develop into a larger and more musically lush sound by incorporating even more keyboards and extra percussion pieces to their music.

In April of 2019, they began recording the music they played at their live shows at Tristan and Katherine’s studio. The recordings inevitably became their debut extended play record, “The Crumbling”, and has been released under The Steel Plant Records on July 6th, 2019 for digital download and streaming. Drummer Brandon MacDonald parted ways with the band in July of 2019 and was replaced by John-Angus MacDonald in September of 2019.

Following the drummer change, New Draft released three singles in 2020; “Alpine Motion” (January), “A Letter for Charles” (April), and “The Closer” (September). A second line-up change occurred following the COVID-19 pandemic; Tristan moving to bass, John-Angus moving to percussion, and Thomas Allen of The Tom Fun Orchestra joining the band on drums.