Spirit of the Wildfire

Spirit of the Wildfire assaults their listeners with a high energy, dynamic experience from an arsenal of unique styles and sounds. Combining a diverse array of influences from Ska to Hip Hop, with a hard hitting punk aggression, the group dubs their sound 'Funk Punk’.

"The members of Spirit Of The Wildfire are not bumbling about, tripping over different styles, they are sharing the range of their talents and they tackle each genre with surprising skill. Whether they’re going hot-n-fast in “Buried Alive” or chilling on their closing “Supernova” track, the group performs beautifully. Listening to Paradisolation is akin to visiting a magic show where the magician saws a lady in half, tells jokes, does card tricks and makes a house disappear. The variety keeps the listener focused by constantly providing something new."

"These guys have become a growing force in this city and are one of my favourite local groups. With their combination of untameable stage presence and music that instantly makes you want to hit the floor, they blow audiences away with every performance. The early crowd was gathered and moving for them, energetic and eager for more once the band’s set had finished. It’s not often that an opening band gets calls for an encore, but that’s the type of performance you can expect from Spirit of the Wildfire. They deliver a delectable punch every time."

Spirit of the Wildfire was part of Exclaim! Magazine "Class 2018", "a Canadian show series featuring the new year's most promising musical talent - artists who make the grade and are ready to graduate."

Spirit of the Wildfires 2017 album "Paradisolation" was nominated for an ECMA for Loud Recording of the year.