The Blue Lane

The Blue Lane is a Halifax-based “Jazz Rock” trio that creates a fusion of rockabilly, jazz, blues, indie rock and pop music. The Blue Lane has a unique sound, weaving sultry vocals, intricate harmonies, jazzy guitar shreds and unbelievably thick beats.
Since 2015, ECMA award winning artist Rachael Henderson (lead vocals/bass), Morgan Alexander Cruickshank (guitar/vocals), and “The Machine” A.K.A Connor Booth (drums/vocals) have been writing and performing genre-blending original music with both modern & vintage pop sensibilities. Musical influences include: Billie Holiday, Django Reinhardt, Les Paul & Mary Ford, Pokey LaFarge, Chon, George Benson, Jimi Hendrix and The Stray Cats.
This summer, The Blue Lane released their 2nd EP “Blind.” The songs include the picturesque piece “Old Town,” the rhythmic jazzy adventures of “In the Groove” and “Annie” a classic number with a retro vibe. Blind is a tale of improvisation and melody.
In 2016 The Blue Lane dropped their debut EP “The Blue Lane” which features songs such as the hot jazz jam, “I’ll See You When” and the sultry ballad “Walking Into Yesterday.” Take a ride with The Blue Lane: