The Blue Lane

The Blue Lane is a Halifax-based “Jazz Rock” trio that creates a fusion of rockabilly, jazz, blues, indie rock and pop music. The Blue Lane has a unique sound, weaving sultry vocals, intricate harmonies, jazzy guitar shreds and passionately thick beats.
On June 8, 2018 The band released their first full length double concept album “Blue Land (Solar/Lunar)." The Blue Lane presented a "dual single drop" in honour of the album's theme of duality, “Dance Hall” (Solar) and “Django’s Cabaret” (Lunar)." "Blue Land (Solar/Lunar" was nominated for Music Nova Scotia's 2018 "Jazz Recording of the Year."
In 2017, The Blue Lane released their 2nd EP “Blind.” The five song EP was awarded Music Nova Scotia’s "Jazz Recording of the Year." “Blind” includes the rhythmic jazzy adventures of “In the Groove” and “Annie” a classic number with a retro vibe. The title track “Blind” is featured in the upcoming film “Every 21 Seconds” (Directed by Kuba Luczkiewicz) along with The Blue Lane’s 2015 debut single “I’ll See You When.”