Administrative / Communication Officer

St. Cecilia Concert Society seeks an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual to join the organization as Administrative / Communication Officer at our office in Halifax. St. Cecilia Concert Society is committed to giving citizens of Halifax opportunities to hear high-quality, live music performed by local, national and international classical artists. We do this by presenting concerts, events and educational initiatives in Halifax, while focusing on building and nurturing a strong community presence through these activities. We are committed to supporting young artists and composers and to providing opportunities for them as they establish their careers. Our concert presentations are innovative, diverse, and challenging and feature artists from many cultural backgrounds performing a broad repertoire of music.
The Administrative / Communication Officer will work with the board members to develop, organize, promote and deliver the concert series. This part-time position requires someone who has strong organizational skills, and can work independently to manage and promote the activities of the Society.
(Average of 20-25 hours/week)
Candidates must have:
• strong writing and communication skills, ideally both in English and French;
• basic computer skills;
• basic financial skills (working within a budget and reporting to the board);
• experience in the arts and in the music industry (being a musician would be an asset); and 
• experience in event management (promotion and communication through traditional and social 
networking media).
Please send a CV and cover letter to the attention of Larry Bent, Chair of St. Cecilia Concert Society by May 15, 2014 by email only at
The selected applicants will be contacted to schedule interviews during the fourth week of May 2014.

ROI: Is it worth it?

From foreign market tours, to music compilations to film scores - there is A LOT that musicians get asked to do that might be outside of their original game plan. One of the first things you should consider is: What is the return on investment? Whether it's financial gain or public exposure, it's worth your time to figure out - in detail - what exactly you're going to get out of a deal, before you commit.

Read more about this from Music Think Tank. - powered by Open Source Software

Last year, Music Nova Scotia deployed a brand-new website, driven by "open source" technology; software whose orignal programming code or "source code" is openly available to be modified and improved. A global community of developers contribute their time and skills to CiviCRM, the OSS that powers our membership system and member profiles.

Last week, I traveled to San Francisco for CiviCon 2014 - an annual conference for users, implementers and developers of CiviCRM -  to give a presentation about how CiviCRM made our new website possible. Without Civi and its community of developers, we would never have been able to produce such a powerful, robust, and cost-effective website.

It was incredible to meet some of the people from the CiviCRM developer community who've been so helpful in creating and improving, and to learn about what's in the future for the project. The presentation went great, and I like to think that I did some teaching while I was learning, in addition to making lots of new friends.


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