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Last year, Music Nova Scotia deployed a brand-new website, driven by "open source" technology; software whose orignal programming code or "source code" is openly available to be modified and improved. A global community of developers contribute their time and skills to CiviCRM, the OSS that powers our membership system and member profiles.

Last week, I traveled to San Francisco for CiviCon 2014 - an annual conference for users, implementers and developers of CiviCRM -  to give a presentation about how CiviCRM made our new website possible. Without Civi and its community of developers, we would never have been able to produce such a powerful, robust, and cost-effective website.

It was incredible to meet some of the people from the CiviCRM developer community who've been so helpful in creating and improving, and to learn about what's in the future for the project. The presentation went great, and I like to think that I did some teaching while I was learning, in addition to making lots of new friends.

Renaissance of crowd-source funding?

Whitehorse just launched a new campaign to bring fans along with the making of their new album with some interesting comments from their manager, Shauna de Cartier of Six Shooter Records. They are looking to raise $10,000 to record the album. However, as they say,

"Rather than thinking of this Kickstarter campaign as a fundraiser or donation, we are looking at it as a pre-sale for an album that will be made no matter what (so there’s no risk that it won’t be completed), and an opportunity to involve friends & fans in the process."

What do you think about the crowd-source funding approach? How do you avoid burning out fans with campaigns like these? What do you think about the label's role in these campaigns? Comment on our facebook page.

Applications Now Open for Casino Nova Scotia's Artist In Residence Program


Casino Nova Scotia has created an innovative Artist in Residence Program designed to support emerging Nova Scotian musicians. The $20,000 program will provide a local musician or group with support and opportunities to develop their career. The program will be administered by Music Nova Scotia. Applications are now open, and close on April 30 at 5:00pm ADT.

Applicants must fill out an online application form, which can be found here.

Along with general contact information, web and social media links, applicants must have the following prepared before beginning the application; these elements are mandatory and must accompany your submission:

  1. Current biography.
  2. Current press photo.
  3. Statement on artists’ goals and career plan. You must provide an extensive plan outlining the coming year’s goals, plans, and career trajectory. Please use the career plan template provided here. Once you have completed the plan, attach the document to the application via the “attachments” tab at the bottom of the application form. 
  4. Web link to a music streaming site where a maximum of 3 songs are available; these songs will be evaluated by the jury. Please only link 3 songs - do not provide a link to a player which features more than 3 songs (e.g. a full album). 
  5. Lyric sheets for the 3 songs you will be submitting.

To review the Program's rules and regulations, click here.

For further information contact:

Serge Samson
Music Nova Scotia
Event and Member Training Manager
2157 Gottingen St. Halifax, NS  B3J 1G6
(902) 423-6271 ext. 103
(902) 423-8841  fax


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