Music Nova Scotia and Casino Nova Scotia Talk AIR Program on Global TV

Music Nova Scotia's Scott Long and Helen MacMillan of Casino Nova Scotia visited Global TV this morning to talk about the new Artist in Residence Program. Applications open April 14, 2014. Watch the video below:


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Q&A: Kim Deal On Her Solo 7″ Series, Making New Breeders Music, And Her Lifelong Obsession With Gear

It is not possible to overstate the importance of Kim Deal. As a member of the Pixies and a founding member of the Breeders, she has made some of the most deeply compelling — not to mention some of the most compellingly influential — music of the past three decades. Though she is not currently playing in the Pixies (a subject that she is very happy not to talk about), she is no less busy than she has ever been.

The Breeders recently wrapped up a lengthy tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary their seminal 1993 album, Last Splash. The tour proved to be such a success (and apparently such a good time) that the band — featuring the Last Splash-era lineup of Kim and Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs, and Jim Macpherson — are currently working on music together for an all-new Breeders record. In addition, Kim continues to release music in her ongoing 7″ solo series.

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