Request for Proposals for Technical Director Services: Molson Canadian Nova Scotia Music Week 2014

(April 9, 2014 - Halifax, Nova Scotia) Molson Canadian Nova Scotia Music Week 2014, (NSMW), to be held in Truro, Nova Scotia from November 6 to 9, is now requesting proposals for Technical Director Services.
The successful applicant/company will take overall responsibility to oversee all technical requirements for Molson Canadian Nova Scotia Music Week with input from the Music Nova Scotia Executive Director, the Music Nova Scotia Event Manager (herein defined as Principles), or designates.
*** Please note – all proposals must be submitted online via our webform available here ***
Resumes, CVs, and other supplementary documents should be uploaded and included with your submission by using the ‘attachments’ tab at the bottom of the webform. 
Please quote your total fee. Include transportation, per diems and other out-of-pocket costs. DO NOT include accommodations. Music Nova Scotia provides accommodations through partner properties and pre-negotiated rates. Music Nova Scotia recommends you quote a daily fee times the number of days required. Please include at least two on-site visits prior to the event. 
Proposals must be received prior to 5pm ADT, April 28, 2014.
The following is a list of events and the responsibilities associated with each specific case (may be subject to change):
  • Arena Show: In collaboration and through consultation with the Event Manager and Principles, define and produce Request for Proposals (RFP) for sound and lighting equipment, staging and extraneous supplies. Determine and select, with Principles, the winning proposal.
  • Showcases: Define and produce RFP for sound and light equipment including backdrops/piping/drape and other extraneous supplies. Define and produce RFP for sound and light operators (may be supplied by winning company on approval.)  Determine and select, with Principles, the winning proposal(s).
  • Music and Industry Awards Brunch: Available for consultation with Event Manager for technical and backline needs.
  • Conference Seminars and Buyer’s Program: Available for consultation with Event Manager for all technical/operator needs and secure same.
  • Songwriters Circle: Available for consultation with Principles for all technical/operator needs and secure same.
  • Opening Reception: Available for consultation with the Principle for all technical/operator needs and secure same.
  • Late Night Stage/Closing Reception: Available for consultation with the Principles for all technical/operator needs and secure same.
  • Backline: The Technical Director in consultation with the Principles will define and produce the RFP for backline services for all components.
  • Labour and Scheduling: The Technical Director will procure and schedule all technical and support crews,including Stage Managers, Stage Hands, Loaders, etc., and will coordinate load-ins/load-outs with venue operators, trucking companies, Principles, etc.
NSMW Technical Director, in conjunction with the Principles, is responsible for other requirements such as sourcing professional and/or volunteer stage managers, identifying experienced volunteer stagehands, back stage manager and assistants. Please note that the NSMW 2014 volunteer base can supply all runners, and non-technical personnel. The NSMW Technical Director must interact with many staff and volunteers within the event structure, and requires someone with excellent multi-tasking and communications skills.
Principles will negotiate all final contract(s) with supplier(s).
Important Notes:
Successful applicant must be prepared to work within a defined budget and must be available for onsite consultation as needed prior to the event and during the week of November 6-9, 2014
A comprehensive written report to the Executive Director is expected within one month following the event.
  • The total cost of the proposal including all transportation and out-of-pocket costs
  • The experience and reputation of the person/company
  • References
Music Nova Scotia will acknowledge all proposals at the time of receipt and may contact the company for further information to assist in its deliberations. All respondents will be informed of the selection decisions should Music Nova Scotia proceed with any one or more of the proposals. Please note that the lowest cost proposal may not necessarily be chosen as the winner.
By issuing this RFP, Music Nova Scotia has made no commitment that it will form a contractual relationship with any of the respondents. Music Nova Scotia retains the absolute discretion to use the information submitted to it in any manner it chooses. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Music Nova Scotia will not divulge any proprietary or commercially confidential information contained in the proposals.
For more information, please contact:
Serge Samson
Music Nova Scotia
Event and Member Training Manager
2157 Gottingen St.
Halifax, NS  B3J 1G6
(902) 423-6271 ext. 4
(902) 423-8841 fax

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