Podio-powered Music Nova Scotia

We manage a lot of information at Music Nova Scotia and to keep everything straight with events, funding programs and other projects, we use Podio. Check out our guest post on Podio's blog about how we keep it all straight. 

Music Nova Scotia Offices Closed Today

Due to weather the Music Nova Scotia office will be closed today. Stay safe and look after each other.

Your Facebook Musician Page's reach is shrinking....

Over the past several months, Facebook has been reducing the reach of posts by "Pages" within their newsfeed system. This reduction effectively means that if you want your fans to see your posts, you will need to buy ads/promotions for them. Looks like we are exiting the era of cheap/free online music promotion, as far as Facebook's platform is concerned. Now more than ever, the importance of email lists becomes apparent. When you get permission to send updates/info/offers directly into someone's mailbox, you don't have to worry that an intermediary company will hijack your access to the fans that you have worked hard to cultivate. Read more here:




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