How NOT to go about finding a recording studio

How NOT to go about finding a recording studio. It's Monday - we needed a good laugh:

DIY Contracts for Freelance Recordists: Protect Yourself Without Being a Jerk

As recording continues to become a predominantly freelance profession and as more artists decide to operate without the aid of record labels, setting our various agreements into writing is even more important. These days there are fewer standard practices in place to guide us, and fewer people to put things into writing on our behalf.

Okay, fine - we all kinda know that. But most of us still have questions:

  • Where do we begin to get agreements that work?
  • In the delicate environment of record-making, how do we talk business without "ruining the vibe" and losing trust and rapport with our clients?
  • Is this something we should manage ourselves without legal help?
  • Are there already standardized contracts for recording scenarios, and how do we leverage them?

Senior Tape Op contributor Allen Farmelo takes a pragmatic nuts-and-bolts approach to answering these questions in his Tape Op #73 tutorial.

Read the full article here.

Public Discussion: "Performing Arts for All: Utopia or Destiny"

The Atlantic Presenters Association is hosting a public discussion this Friday, March 7 called "Performing Arts for All: Utopia or Destiny?" facilitated by Inga Petri and presented in partnership with CAPACOA. The discussion will take place Friday, March 7th from 1:30pm-3:30pm at the Atlantica Hotel (The Commons Room).

Discuss topics including audience development, social media and community partnerships, hosted by the Atlantic Presenters Association, in partnership with CAPACOA. 

Everyone involved in the arts is invited to attend including presenters, artists, funders, stakeholders, board members and volunteers. Led by facilitator Inga Petri, the talks will be based on the findings of the ground breaking “Value of Presenting” study. The study is the culmination of two years of intensive action research, which involved two pan-Canadian surveys, and consultations of more than 1,000 stakeholders. There is no fee for admission.
Here's a link to the Value of Presenting Study. You can RSVP for the session here.



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