CONVERGENCE: An International Summit on Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology

Join us at The Banff Centre on November 27 - 30, 2014 for a conversation about radical possibility.

Convergence is an arts summit dedicated to exploring the ways that arts practices intersect with each other and with technology in a complex physical and social ecology. The summit will explore what happens when contemporary professional practices in all forms of music, visual and digital art, film, theatre, dance, literature, or interdisciplinary arts cross-pollinate with emerging production and dissemination technologies.

New creative tools lead to new creative practices, and in today's accelerated culture of digital communication a vast number of artists are working in ways that cut across and reconfigure disciplinary boundaries while engaging deeply with proliferating technological frameworks.

We explore these convergences along two axes:

Digital Technology and the Arts: In the transition to the digital age, we have seen major shifts in artistic practice - new production tools are assimilated, discarded, and reinvented; communications infrastructure changes the way that art is made and experienced; increased access and mobility allow artists to create and market work in ways that are nimble and ever-changing, leading to creative entrepreneurship that directly links artists to audiences, bypassing older institutional frameworks.

Interdisciplinary Evolution: We look at interdisciplinary arts through the lens of technological and social change, asking how these practices evolve with the tools of creation and communication. Our definition of interdisciplinary is radical, meaning not only work across artistic genres but also creative work that is embedded in other fields: art that draws on a scientific framework; new creative practices that have implications for the commercial cultural industries, global politics, business, and communications; art that redefines the relationship between artist and public, engaging "non-artist" demographics in new ways, so individuals embedded in living communities and social networks are co-creators in works of art.

Convergence is an opportunity to explore how these creative and technological shifts are mutually reinforcing and transformative. At Convergence, we ask:

  • How does technology act as a "universal solvent," encouraging the dissolution of boundaries between artistic disciplines and between the arts and society?
  • How are the tools of digital production and communication catalyzing new creative practices? Do changing technologies enhance or undermine existing arts practices?
  • How do artists unlock potential in technology through creative, critical, and/or ethical approaches to digital culture?
  • Is interdisciplinarity the "new normal" in the arts, and how is technology implicated in the evolution of arts practices?

We would like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts for their collaboration in the organization of this event.

SaskMusic Seeks Executive Director

SaskMusic (The Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association) is looking for a dynamic, energetic and experienced individual to take on the role of Executive Director of this forward thinking organization.
Working in conjunction with Creative Saskatchewan, SaskMusic’s mission is to stimulate the growth and development of the Saskatchewan music industry through leadership, promotion, training, advocacy and partnership.  
SaskMusic is a member-based, non-profit corporation representing the music industry of Saskatchewan.  SaskMusic represents, promotes and develops the commercial music industry of Saskatchewan with programming including career consults, workshops, marketing, networking opportunities and much more.  Our artists and music professionals come from across the province, and work in all genres. We are a source of information and resources for both the public, and the music industry.
The successful candidate will have:
  • Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to be both a leader and a team player
  • Advanced analytical and problem solving skills with a demonstrated capacity to identify current issues and propose appropriate solutions
  • Superior understanding of arts organizations or complex business that operate with multiple staff, pressing deadlines and many projects simultaneously.
  • Grant writing experience or demonstrated writing abilities
  • Successful experience in sponsorship development and fundraising
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and manage complex projects
  • High levels of comfort with current technologies
  • Post secondary education in business, music or the arts or a demonstrated background of continuous independent learning in related areas.
  • Knowledge of or experience with the music industry
  • A proven track record of working successfully with a board of directors is required
SaskMusic has offices in both Regina and Saskatoon, with the head office located in Regina. This position will require travel between the two cities.  Depending on experience, the wage of this position ranges between $65,000 and $75,000 a year with benefits.
To pursue this opportunity please forward your application by 5PM Friday, March 7, 2014. Attention Dawn Woroniuk at
210-2300 Dewdney Avenue, Regina SK S4R 1H5  / 1-800-347-0676 / 

Federal Government committee set to study challenges faced by Canada's music industry

The federal Canadian Heritage committee is set to begin a study of the music industry in Canada. CTV news reported on the story Saturday:

The study will investigate the efficacy of the government's regulatory and monetary measures aimed at aiding our domestic music industry.


The news has prompted some in the industry to wonder aloud on the underlying purpose for the study:


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