Music Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting Board of Directors Election Results and Music Nova Scotia Annual Report

The 2017 election for Music Nova Scotia’s Board of Directors resulted in ten candidates competing for eight seats to be filled. Eight of eight incumbents re-offered and two additional nominations competed for eight seats with terms ending in 2019. 

The board members elected this year are:

Brian Doherty
Darryl Smith
Doug Taylor
Ian McKinnon
Josh Hogan
Michael S. Campbell
Stephen MacDougall
Troy Arseneault

They will join the existing board members:

Amie Moore
Gail Ferguson
Jamie Robinson
Jason Michael MacIsaac
Krista Keough
Marc Perry
Melanie Stone

The board members were officially sworn in at the Annual General Meeting, held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 2169 Gottingen St.

The executive positions elected for the 2017-2018 year are as follows:

President – Brian Doherty
First Vice President – Ian McKinnon
Second Vice President – Amie Moore
Third Vice President – Gail Ferguson
Secretary – Melanie Stone
Treasurer – Jamie Robinson
Music Nova Scotia would like to express our most sincere gratitude to our outgoing board member Heather Frantsi for her dedication and valuable service to the Association. Music Nova Scotia would like to welcome our new incoming board member Darryl Smith.

The full Annual General Meeting report can be viewed online.


For more information please contact:
Lisa Stitt
Member Relations / Operations Manager

REMINDER: June 15 Investment Program Deadline

Friendly reminder to all Music Nova Scotia Investment Program clients that there is an upcoming June 15, 2017 deadline for the following investment program components:

Please be sure to update your applicant profile at least one week prior to submitting an application, especially if you are seeking a new Eligible Applicant status designation of either "Developing Artist Level II", or "Export Ready".

For more information, please contact:

Serge Samson
Investment Programs & Member Training Manager
Regional Education Coordinator - FACTOR
Music Nova Scotia

serge (at)

off: +1 9024236271 x 107

direct: 902-800-2047

Music Nova Scotia Board of Directors Voting Now Open

Ten nominees, including eight incumbents, are vying for eight spots on the Music Nova Scotia Board of Directors – and we need you to vote!

All Music Nova Scotia members are encouraged to vote online for the Board of Directors, who will act as guidance for all Music Nova Scotia activities. 

The election will be conducted electronically through the Music Nova Scotia website from June 5th at 10:00AM through June 23rd, 2017 at 5:00PM.

Your membership must be up to date to login to your profile.  ****If you have never accessed your profile, please register the email address associated with your membership with the website.  

Corporate and Non-Profit members receive two votes, Individual, Band, Small Business and Venue memberships receive one vote, student memberships do not receive a vote.

Please Note:  Anyone with permitted access to your profile has access to vote, please discuss with your team/band members who will vote. Once a vote has been cast it can not be reset.

There are no additional voting logins or passwords required, please follow the steps below to vote:

1.  Login to your profile on the Music Nova Scotia website -   If you do not remember your password, please select the "Request New Password" link under the login box, we do not have access to your password.

2.  Scroll down to "My Projects" on the left hand side of the screen

3.  Select the "VOTE" button located in the my projects box, this will take you to the voting screen.  

4.  Once you have selected your votes click submit and you're done!

All voting for board positions will take place online.  No voting will take place at the AGM.

All members in good standing are eligible to vote with the exception of honorary members. To renew or become a member of Music Nova Scotia, please contact Lisa Stitt at 902-423-0291.

Candidates: (in alphabetical order) – Full bios and photos can be found here.

Brian Doherty
Darryl Smith
Doug Taylor
Heather Frantsi
Ian McKinnon
Jason Bruce (J-Bru)
Josh Hogan
Michael S. Campbell
Stephen MacDougall
Troy Arseneault

All members are welcome to attend the 2017 Annual General Meeting, where the results of the election will be announced.

AGM Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Time: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Location: 2169 Gottingen St.
Halifax, NS  B3K 3B5

AGM Agenda Considerations:

Minutes of preceding general meeting;
Consideration of the annual report of the Directors;
Consideration of the financial statements, including balance sheet and operating statement and the report of the auditors therein;
Election of Directors for the ensuing year;
Appointment of Auditors


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